From Indonesia

Number #1

Responsible Supplier

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Solutions


From Indonesia

Number #1

Responsible Supplier

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Solutions


Award winning results

We collaborate closely with your procurement team and our trusted network of coffee farms in Gayo Highlands, Indonesia.

Arabica Coffee Testimonial

“I’m a coffee enthusiast and the Gayo Arabica beans I received were exceptional! The rich, smooth flavor with hints of chocolate and spice made my mornings perfect. Can’t wait to order more!.

Emma L. from London, UK

Emily C.

from New York, USA

These Gayo Arabica beans are a game-changer for my coffee shop. Customers love the bold yet balanced taste. It’s become our bestseller!.

Hiroshi S

from Tokyo, Japan


Juan M

from Madrid, Spain

Como un aficionado al café, puedo decir que los granos de café Gayo Arabica son de alta calidad. Su sabor afrutado y suave realmente destacan. ¡Recomendado para los amantes del buen café!.

Rajesh P

from Mumbai, India

As a spice importer, I’m always on the lookout for premium quality products. The white cardamom I received was of top-notch quality, with a delightful fragrance that enhances every dish.

Claire H.

from London, UK

I’ve been buying vanilla beans from Indonesia for years, and these are by far the best! They are plump, moist, and fragrant, perfect for baking and making homemade vanilla extract.

Sophie L

from Sydney, Australia

As a pastry chef, using high-quality ingredients is crucial. These Indonesian vanilla beans exceed my expectations every time. They’re consistently fresh and aromatic.

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Our passion lies in sourcing the finest Gayo Arabica coffee beans. With expertise spanning the coffee industry, we consult on quality assurance, and flavor profiling, ensuring every batch meets the highest standards for your customers worldwide.

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