Organic Gayo Arabica coffee beans represent the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship, celebrated for their exquisite flavor and sustainable cultivation practices. Grown amidst the lush landscapes of Indonesia, these beans are nurtured under conditions that exclude synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. This commitment to organic farming ensures that every cup of coffee derived from these beans embodies purity and environmental stewardship.

Flavor Profile and Aroma

Organic Gayo Arabica coffee beans are renowned for their full-bodied flavor with low acidity and hints of chocolate and spices. They exude a captivating aroma that fills the senses, promising a delightful coffee experience with every brew. Whether enjoyed as a rich espresso or a smooth filter coffee, these beans offer a harmonious balance that appeals to connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Gayo Arabica Green Coffee Beans
Gayo Arabica Green Coffee Beans from Indonesia, Wholesale Supplier

Why Choose Organic Gayo Arabica Coffee Beans?

Experience the rich heritage and exceptional taste of Organic Gayo Arabica coffee beans. With their unique flavor profile, sustainable origins, and social responsibility, these beans represent more than just coffee—they embody a commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. Elevate your coffee experience with PT. Saka Asia Group’s Organic Gayo Arabica coffee beans and taste the difference.

Certifications and Assurance

Our Organic Gayo Arabica coffee beans are certified organic by recognized certification bodies, guaranteeing compliance with stringent organic standards. This certification underscores our commitment to transparency and sustainability, providing you with confidence in the purity and quality of our coffee beans.

Our Commitment to Quality

At PT Saka Asia Group, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest Organic Gayo Arabica coffee beans directly from the heart of Sumatra’s Gayo Highlands. Handpicked at peak ripeness and processed with care, our beans retain their natural richness and complexity. We ensure that each batch meets stringent quality standards, delivering a coffee that is both flavorful and ethically sourced.

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  • Name : Organic Gayo Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Grade : A Organic Coffee
  • Process : Semi Washed
  • Drying Method : Sun
  • Recommended Roast Level : Medium-dark
  • Moisture Content : Max 12.5%
  • Bean Defects : Max 11%
  • Acidity : Bright, vibrant acidity
  • Packing : New Gunny Bag each 60 kg(s)
  • Single origin from : Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Arabica Variety : Tim-tim
  • Loading Capacity : 1 x 20 FCL min 18 M/T – max 19 M/T
  • Delivery Time : 2 week until 1 Month depend on Quantity
  • HS Code : 09011120
  • Port of Loading : Belawan Medan Port
  • Invoice,
  • Packing List,
  • USDA Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin / COO,
  • Certificate of Analysis / COA
  • Fumigation Certificate,
  • Bill of Lading
  • Phytosanitary Certificate.

Cash in Advance or LC at Sight depend on quantity order. Despatch of through Sea : FCL or LCL

Gayo Arabica Coffee Supplier
Gayo Arabica Coffee Beans
Gayo Arabica Coffee Supplier
Gayo Arabica Green Coffee Beans
Gayo Arabica Green Coffee Beans